Passion for music is what DJ Rev is all about. Originally from a small town in Arkansas, Rev moved to Dallas and within one year became one of the most in-demand DJ's in Dallas nightlife.

His style of mixing not only blends old and new Hip-Hop with dirty electro house, but also adds a splash of 80's, reggae, pop, dubstep and more. Rev has held residencies at every high profile nightclub in Dallas, such as:

  • Aura Lounge
  • Wish Ultralounge
  • Cameo
  • Joyce Lounge
  • Vice
  • Obar
  • Glo Lounge
  • Plush Nightclub

And that's just to name a few, but no matter what club DJ Rev is in — people will be partying. Rev has also DJ'ed music events including Lil' Flip, the Ying Yang Twins, Wynter Gordon, Pittsburgh Slim; corporate events with Skyy Vodka, VH1, Creative Recreations, ESPN, Stoli Vodka, Playboy, Red Bull Thre3style, and US Weekly Magazine; celebrity parties including John Legend, the Wayans Brothers, and Paris Hilton. In a world of thousands of talented DJ's, Rev is always trying to push the envelope and set his style apart.


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